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Funny Birthday Wishes || 90+ Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes, Messages & Ideas

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes
Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Images

Funny Birthday Wishes: Hello, guys welcome to Hurfat.com. Are you searching for Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes and messages? Then you are at the perfect place. Get here the Latest Happy birthday greeting funny quotes and messages and funny birthday greetings to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Share something funny to write in a birthday card to wish Happy birthday to your friends, family members, and other relatives.

Moreover, These Hilarious Quote Ideas for Funny Birthday Cards and Short Funny Birthday Wishes and Happy Birthday Brother Funny will help you to greet Happy birthday to your beloved to wish him/her special. Best collection of funny birthday messages for a friend and funny happy birthday wishes and funny birthday quotes and funny happy birthday quotes for sister and happy birthday wishes funny images and funny happy birthday gif.


Funny Birthday Wishes || 90+ Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes, Messages & Ideas


Short Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
happy birthday wishes funny images


  • Before there were maps, people used the stars to guide them. You would know!
  • On this date friend, you might ache a little more. That is because you are old!
  • Today friend, you should be glad! You can paint on canvas and not in a cave!
  • Cheers to a friend who can tell me when bread was only five cents!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! Age is not a big deal… to me! I’m still young!
  • Now is the time to tell you what you truly are, friend! An old geezer!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! You are as old as you are dear to me!


Funny Birthday Card Messages

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
birthday wishes funny images


  • Well done – you have still been alive for several years!
  • Congratulations on getting slightly older! Happy Birthday
  • It is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer.
  • You’re a really hard individual to shop for… so I didn’t get you anything. Happy birthday!
  • Smart, good looking, and funny. But enough about me. Happy birthday!


Funniest Birthday Card Sayings

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
funny images of birthday wishes


Four out of five people get money in their birthday cards.

Inside: Happy birthday from #5!

I have two tips for you on your birthday.
1) Forget the past, you can’t change it.
2) Forget the present, I didn’t get you one.
There were a lot of famous people born on your birthday.

Inside: Too bad you’re not one of them.

Yeaahhhh… I just wanted to say happy birthday and

if you can come into work that would great mmm K

I wanted to send you something (sexy, incredible, awesome, amazing, etc)

but the postman told me to get out of the mailbox.


Funny Birthday Wishes Messages

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
funny birthday quote images


  • Today, my friend, you have made me grateful for something…that I’m not the oldest person here!
  • Friend, I hope that a million birthday wishes come true for you! It will match your age!
  • Happy birthday man, and if someone calls you old, whack him with your walking stick.
  • Friend, on this day of the year, many, many years ago, you were born! I guess that’s something!
  • Another birthday comes by with more candles on your cake and less hairs on your head!
  • I hope you enjoy your birthday just like when you were born in this world. Without clothes.
  • Happy birthday buddy. Don’t you worry about getting so old. That was something that happened years ago.
  • I wish almighty embraces you with luck to follow up those dreams and also a bucket of water to wake you up from them.
  • Wishing the most beautiful and intelligent person I know a great day. That’s me. And to you a very happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
happy birthday funny quotes


  • Birthdays are like cheese. They stink more the older they get.
  • Two things that are inevitable for any living person are birthdays and taxes.
  • Birthdays are like vacations. You don’t have one too often and they come and go too quickly.
  • The older you get, the more disoriented your hair gets. Once it leaves your head, it seems to get lost.
  • The old pessimist focuses on his growing number. The old optimist focuses on his growing blessings.
  • Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
  • There is still no cure for the common birthday.
  • I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.
  • After 30, a body has a mind of its own.
  • Live your life and forget your age.” These greeting card stories are cute and memorable.


Sarcastic Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Images
funny images of birthday wishes


  • I am giving you what you have given me everyday, trouble and sarcasm, happy birthday.
  • I want to congratulate you for being one of the ancient people in this world, that is great!
  • Calling you an angel would be a lie so let me just hope that you are happy on your birthday!
  • Some say that age is just a number. I say that’s bullshit. I mean, you’re getting really old. Happy birthday anyway.
  • Happy birthday to my best buddy in the entire universe. May you grow so old that the devil gets frustrated waiting for your arrival!
  • I put up with you more than you ever did. You should be lucky to have me in your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Since it’s your birthday I would request you to keep quiet for at least an hour. Happy birthday, chatterbox!
  • Good job for trying to keep being alive until this day, congratulations on getting older again.
  • You are looking happy as you have aged by one more year. But trust me that is not a genuine reason to cheer. Happy Birthday.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
birthday wishes funny quotes


  • Happy Birthday to the only person I would want as my getaway driver!! May we have many more good times and unforgettable adventures together.
  • Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you don’t mind that I invited Sir Robert Mondavi and Sir Yellowtail over for dinner tonight.
  • Late in the evening, far, far away there is a glow beyond the horizon, and I know deep in my heart… It’s your birthday cake.
  • Happy 45th birthday, my friend. Don’t worry about the increasing wrinkles, you should rather be grateful for your blessings.
  • I will sing Happy Birthday to you so much you’ll wish you’d never been born… Happy Birthday!
  • If you were a Wonka bar, you would definitely be wrapped in the golden ticket. Happy Birthday, my fabulous friend.
  • A great friend is like your favorite pair of underwear. They’re comfortable, you’ve had them for a few years, and they make you feel confident.
  • My dear girlfriend, how old are you today? Never mind, I already know the answer as always, +1. Best wishes on your birthday.
  • Let it go! Let it go! Age can’t hold you back from having fun… Happy Birthday. Just remember wine tastes better the older it gets.
  • Happy Birthday from one old hag to another! I hope your day is full of fun and you’re surrounded by family and friends.
  • I will go ahead and make your day. Happy Birthday, my good friend. I didn’t even log on to Facebook to be told it was your special day. I hope you make it a great one.
  • I know if anyone heard us talking they would probably think we had escaped from a mental institution. Happy Birthday to my best friend! I hope we have many more years of crazy wild adventures together!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
funniest birthday wishes


  • Happy Birthday, Sis, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the chores….
  • To my dearest sister, Happy birthday! I would bake you a cake if I knew how to use an oven. Got you this card instead!
  • Even though you will always be a little monkey to me, you have grown up, happy birthday Lil sister
  • Happy Birthday little sister, I may have always been the smart one, but you have always been a great sidekick.
  • Happy Birthday to not only the sassiest but the coolest, and craziest most adorable little sister in the world!
  • No one has quite a little sister like you. You are not only crazy but funny at the same time. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday little Sis. No matter how much you’ve grown or matured, you will always be the silly Lil sister to me.
  • You know you get the most attention, right? So what exactly is the point of a whole day dedicated to you? Anyways, happy Birthday!
  • My sister is the best and most special sister… because we’re the same size and so I have double the wardrobe! Have a lovely birthday, Sis!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
happy birthday to you funny quotes


  • Happy birthday to my brother. Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane!
  • Happy birthday to a brother who is smart, funny, witty, charming… and reminds me a lot of myself!
  • Happy birthday bro! May your day be more beautiful than a unicorn farting rainbows!
  • Your birthday gives me one more chance to gift you stuff that I need. Happy Birthday dear brother!
  • No matter what happens in life, never give up on chasing your dreams! You’ve got this bro! Happy Birthday!
  • May you get everything that you wish for, and your wife knows nothing about it too! Happy Birthday!
  • So where do you plan to spend your birthday at? The dentist’s place or at the chiropractor’s? Happy Birthday, dear!
  • You’re turning a perfect age. Old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday I wish you lots of joy, fun, happiness, love, and all that stuff that doesn’t cost a thing… Have a good one!
  • I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Happy Birthday.


Funny Birthday Messages for a Woman

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
funny birthday wishes messages


  • Today, girl, there are things to marvel at! Like the length of time that you have been here!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman who has it all! One hundred years of accumulation would result in that!
  • Happy Birthday to a friend that has no secrets from me but always fills in her ‘birth date’ field alone.
  • You are a woman whose very presence makes others happy! Thanks for reminding us that we’re not as old as you!
  • Looking at you, woman, reminds me of a simpler time. Like, before there was electricity!
  • Cheers to a woman who has dyed her hair so many times, she doesn’t remember what its original color is!
  • Girl, you look amazingly young for your age, but remember we went to school together. Best wishes!


Funny Things to Write in a Birthday Card

Funny Birthday Wishes Images
birthday wishes funny messages


  • Some might say you are over the hill but it is certainly better than being buried underneath it. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • I like to give back to people what they gave to me on my birthday, so here is nothing! Happy birthday!
  • On your birthday, you should forget the past as it cannot be changed and forget the future because we don’t know what will happen. But what about the present? You may as well forget that too, as I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday!
  • If I have to tie you up and swing a light over your head until you talk, I will. Eventually, you’ll spill the location of that Fountain of Youth you’ve found!
  • Actually, I wanted to get you something super special, super terrific, unique and beautiful for your birthday, but I don’t fit into the envelope. Happy birthday to you!
  • Your birthday is the perfect time to recognize all your wonderful qualities, including the fact that you’re older than me. Happy birthday!
  • They say you lose your mind as you grow older… what they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it much!
  • Don’t worry about having another birthday. Your body may be piling up the years, but your mental age continues to stagger along in the single digits.
  • Happy Birthday! There may be a few more wrinkles in your birthday suit, but you’re still looking good!
  • When I looked at the date, I realized that it was your birthday, friend! When I thought about the year in which you were born, I almost fainted! You don’t look a day over a hundred!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! You were educated in the old ways! The pyramids wouldn’t have been built without you!
  • Friend, don’t mind me, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same: calling you young would be a mistake! A HUGE mistake! Happy birthday!
  • Age doesn’t make you forgetful: having too many stupid things to remember makes you forgetful!
  • The older you get, the more disoriented your hair gets. Once it leaves your head, it seems to get lost.
  • The old pessimist focuses on his growing number. The old optimist focuses on his growing blessings.
  • We thought we would get the right amount of candles to put on your cake this year, but quickly ran out of space. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images

Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images
funny happy birthday messages


Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images
happy birthday wishes quotes funny


Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images
crazy happy birthday images


Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images
funny birthday wishes for sister


Happy Birthday Wishes Funny Images
funny birthday wishes for best friend


Funny Happy Birthday GIF

Funny Happy Birthday GIF
funny birthday wishes gif


Funny Happy Birthday GIF
birthday wishes funny gif


Funny Happy Birthday GIF
fun birthday wishes


Funny Happy Birthday GIF
happy birthday wishes funny gif


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