50+ Happy 10th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages

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Entering double-digit of age is a major milestone and it is worthy of celebration because after you turn double digits, you have a palindrome birthday every 11 years. Until you get really, really old. Then you go from 99 years old to 101. So for entering double-digit of age i.e 10th Birthday is an especially important milestone for a child. A parent always wants their child’s 10th birthday to be perfect.

So on this 10th Birthday of your beloved child greet them Happy 10th Birthday wishes and blessings along with birthday gifts, birthday cards, a birthday party, or a rite of passage on this special day of their life. So on this page, you’ll find a huge range of 10th birthday wishes and messages to write your best birthday card for your beloved Daughter or Son or Nephew, or Niece. And also captivating Happy 10th Birthday Images to share on your social media platform.


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes and Messages


Best 10th Birthday Quotes

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Quote Images


  • Being ten is nice, you need lots of joy to survive, you need lots of care to keep moving. I hope you’ll have all that you need as you clock this age.
  • Turning ten means you have become Trustworthy, Effective, and Nobble in decision making. Keep growing and enjoy your lovely year, Happy 10th birthday.
  • You are a great addition to my life and I wish you all the best as you turn a new age; you are dear to me, happy 10th birthday dear. May this day make you happy.
  • I want you to know that we will always be here for you as you get older and wiser. But for now, enjoy being 10! Happy Birthday! We got the big cake!
  • You are such a pure soul as you show so much energy and promise to the world. It is impossible to not feel happy for you. We know you are only going to become more incredible.
  • How fast time runs, it was as if the last 9 years were wrapped up in a second. Now you are 10. I hope you’ll have many more years of joy and gladness.
  • I wonder what you would want for the most on your birthday. Whatever it is, it is going to be quite a surprise. We did our best to match your surprise.
  • You were just a baby in my arms 10 years ago, now you are growing into a fine lad and I couldn’t be prouder. Happy Birthday dear, may you blow countless more candles.
  • It’s surprising you have not lost a glimpse of the charm you have when you were 5. I congratulate you for reaching 10. Happy birthday.
  • May you grow older than the hills, may you love, may you share, and may you be the best there ever will be. Happy 10th birthday dear!!
  • Happy 10th birthday my good son, it’s the celebration of your first decade on earth; my prayer for you is to witness many more decades in the land of the living. Have fun.
  • This is going to be an incredible time as we get to enjoy a brand new world and you get to start the beginning of your life. We will be here every step of the way.


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Friends

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Happy 10th Birthday Friend Images


  • You are finally into your double digits kiddo. We have something special planned for you as you are getting old! Just kidding. Happy 10th Birthday Friend!
  • You are now 10, how fast you’ve grown up, I am here if you ever need me, just remember you are a special kid, and the favor is yours, just believe in yourself.
  • We want you to know that we love you as we are going to have an incredible party and going to have an awesome fun time.
  • Happy 10th Birthday dear, I am so happy to see you growing up. I can’t believe I share this day with you. I wish you the very best sweetie.
  • Happy 10th birthday my friend, I hope you will like the little present I have prepared for you. Thank you for inviting me to your party!


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Girl Image


  • May this first day and all the days of your membership of the great Double-Digit Club be filled with happiness and lovely smiles. Happy 10th birthday!
  • Turning 10 is the definition of a real milestone! I hope this extraordinary time of your life brings you all the blessings in the world. Happy birthday to a very special girl.
  • Hurrah! This is the first two-digit anniversary of your life! Sweetheart, you have become more beautiful and intelligent. I’m so proud of you! Enjoy your 10th birthday.
  • My best wishes to the most amazing girl in the world as she celebrates this super significant day of her life. Keep blooming with each passing day. Happy 10th birthday.
  • Happy 10th birthday to the most beautiful 10-year-old girl in the whole wide world. Sweetheart, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful and very special occasion of your existence with great joy and happiness.


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Boy Image


  • Yay! You are now a BIG KID! I’m so proud of you. Happy 10th Birthday Boy!
  • Happy birthday to the coolest 10-year-old in town. Enjoy every second of this amazing day of yours!
  • My warmest wishes, birthday boy! May your life be full of happiness and lots of fun.
  • Happy 10th birthday! I wish I was as good-looking and intelligent as you are when I turned 10. Enjoy every moment of being fabulous 10.
  • I wish you nothing but good luck and happiness galore as you take your first steps into this truly amazing chapter of your life. Happy 10th birthday.


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Daughte Imager


  • Have a hearty 10th birthday full of cake, sweets, and lots of fun. May you grow healthier, heartier, and more jovial.
  • May your 10th birthday be full of blessing, love, and cheer, may you get loads of presents, and may everyone you love being around you.
  • It’s your 10th birthday daughter; I hope you have a plan to celebrate this new age. May it come with great gifts and sweet wishes. Have a great birthday dear!
  • Happy 10th Birthday beautiful, 10 years ago, you were a toddler, and 10 years from now you’ll be a young adult. I can’t help but express my awe at how big you’ve grown. Have fun!
  • As parents, we are so delighted to see you happy, your joy and happiness are what gladdens our heart. Happy 10th birthday gorgeous daughter. Have lots of fun.


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Son Image


  • Our lives are like a symphony that has a slow start that needs to be understood, and then the latter part is enjoyed, live the start well for you to enjoy the latter. Happy 10th Birthday Son.
  • Happy 10th Birthday Son! We want you to have an incredible birthday filled with laughter and people who love you. We know that this is a special time so we only got the best for you.
  • To this birthday and many more to come, Happy Birthday my little prince, I get to see you grow up to be the king of your own castle. Enjoy your 10th Birthday Son.
  • Entering double-digit of age is a major milestone and it is worthy of celebration. May you continue to grow, Happy 10th birthday son. Enjoy and have fun.


Happy 10th Birthday to My Niece

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Niece Image


  • Welcome to the double-digit club! Enjoy this moment of your life because this only comes once! Happy 10 birthday Niece!
  • Congratulations on reaching the first decade of your life! I cannot believe how cute and lovely you have become! Happy 10th birthday my princess.
  • Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You’re already ten today. Sure, you are no longer a little kid, but you are never too old to get a birthday hug and kiss! So come and get yours now – you truly deserve it!
  • Happy 10th Birthday! May you receive only the best presents and may you enjoy blowing all the candles on your cake! Of course, don’t forget to make a wish!
  • Turning 10 is such a great experience! You’re no longer a child now but you are definitely not a grown-up yet. Enjoy this moment of your life! Happy 10th Birthday Niece!
  • Happy 10th birthday to the most amazing girl I know! May you enjoy your 10th birthday because this is one of the most significant moments of your life! May you keep on blooming with each passing day!


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Nephew Image


  • Wow, you have already lived 10 decades on Earth! It just seems like yesterday when we welcome you into this world. Happy 10th Birthday Dear Nephew!
  • Congratulations on reaching the big 10 today! This will be the first day for the rest of your double-digit life so enjoy every single moment of it! Happy tenth birthday!
  • Happy 10th birthday! I just want to wish you nothing but more happiness and lots of blessings as you journey towards your teenage years! Enjoy your day sweetie!
  • Bravo! You’re already ten now and a big boy. May you live a happy life and may all of the things you wish to receive be given to you this year. Happy 10th birthday Nephew!
  • Happy 10th birthday to the most beautiful 10-year old I know! Sweetheart, may you enjoy this special moment of your life! Always remember that wherever life takes you, we’ll always be here to love and adore you!


Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Cousin Image


  • Happy 10th birthday, Dear. The most amazing part of your life has just begun. I hope you enjoy every blessed moment of this awesome chapter to the fullest.
  • I wish you nothing but good luck and happiness galore as you take your first steps into this truly amazing chapter of your life. Happy 10th Birthday Cousin.
  • Happy birthday! Now that you’re 10, my only wish is for you to grow up humble and respectful of the elders! As your aunt, please know that I will always be here to love and support you!
  • Wow, it’s amazing to know that you’re already 10 years old! The last time that I saw you, you’re still so tiny. I hope you will enjoy your party most especially the gifts we’ve packed for you. Happy 10th Birthday Sweetie!
  • To my dearest Cousin, happy 10th birthday! I hope you’ll have a great time today. Don’t forget to make a wish before you blow all the candles on your cake! Enjoy your day!


Funny 10th Birthday Messages

Happy 10th Birthday Image

Happy 10th Birthday Funny Image


  • What goes up and never comes down? Your age!! Cheers clocking 10.
  • Strong and tall, funny and cheerful, you look like a great man at 10. How amazing!
  • The terrific toddler turns ten today! Just kidding, you’re not a toddler, just needed it to rhyme. Happy Birthday!
  • Did you know your age equals the number of your birthdays? Bet you didn’t. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • Windows 10 is installing a big present for the most wonderful 10-year-old gamer. Happy Birthday!


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